A New Hand for Matthew

Formula 1 and Advanced Prosthetics Brought Together By A 14 Year Old Boy

  • Bless Your Face!

    Amazing what wearing a T-Shirt on TV can do for you...


    Bless Your Face Toby Turner!



  • 3 - 0

    Matthew is now 3 - nil up on Mario Kart vs Rest Of The World Reporters! I'd like to think that in a dark soho basement there is a huddle of TV presenters and camera crew having a play-off for 2nd place.



  • Facts and Figures

    We've spent a lot of time this week trying to put the press straight. The spin from the UK press is the worst - reporting that Mercedes paid the £35,000 for Matthew's iLimb hasn't helped our efforts.

    The US and German press were happy to report our efforts to raise £10,000 to fully fund Matthew's iLimb and this has been reflected in the donations we've seen coming in.

    Another thing that keeps cropping up in reports is that Matthew can now write, draw and tie his shoes. Matthew is right handed so has never had a problem writing or drawing. As for shoes we found a one-handed lace on the internet years ago and Matthew laces his shoes so that he can now tie then quicker with one hand than i can with two.

    The press is a double edge sword - without the PR we wouldn't have attracted the amazing support we've seen over the last 7 days but the spin can make you dizzy!

    Still about £3,000 to raise until we've funded the arm. I'm hoping that the marvelous Mercedes GP team can give the campaign a boost when they return from the mandatory F1 shutdown and I've signed up to run this : http://original.grimchallenge.co.uk/

    ta ta




  • Some cool pics of Matthew's iLimb!

    I've taken some pics of Matthew's new arm to email off the the guys and girls at the Mercedes GP paintshop. Hopefully the will be able to spraypaint the hard parts while masking off the hand and soft silicon. They have offered Matthew to chance to have any design he wishes.



  • Thank You World!!

    A huge thanks the Germany, Spain, Brazil, Netherland, South Korea, China, Switzerlan... Matthew's story has taken off around the planet!

    We get asked a lot of questions about Matthew's new iLimb. Will it change his life ? How did he feel when he got it? What can he do now that he couldn't do before. And there are answers to all of these. But sometimes you just want to say .... " just look how amazingly cool it is!" It's the ultimate in enabling technology.

    And in answer the one the questions above. Matthew is Matthew, before and after iLimb, but try living one day without using you left hand. The iLimb is going to make a big difference to Matthew's daily life.




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